Hi, I'm Mihnea

I'm a freelance Software Engineer and Team Lead.

In the past, I've also held roles such as Software Architect and Assistant Professor at a university, teaching Design Patterns.

If you'd like to find out more, I've preparred this page for potential collaborations.

Here is also a link to my resume .

Technologies and methodologies:

Java, Spring : 2013-present

SQL: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle : 2013-present

Ant, Maven, Gradle: 2014-present

NoSQL & Caching: OrientDB, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis: 2015-present

Messaging: Kafka, RabbitMQ: 2015-present

DevOps: Jenkins, Gitlab, Docker: 2016-present

Mockito, Junit, ArchUnit : 2017-present

Angular, Node.js, React.js : 2018-present

DevOps: Kubernetes, GCP, AWS : 2018-present;

Agile SCRUM, KANBAN  methodologies for team and project organization: 2013-present

Software Craftsmanship  mindset for technical growth and mentoring: 2018-present

Frequently asked questions

Some quick answers on administrative topics

🌎 What languages do you speak?

Romanian C2

English C2 (Cambridge Advanced English Certified)

German B2

⏱ Are you available for full-time work?

Yes. Some of my contracts do specify that I work full-time, 8h/day.

🤝 What form of collaboration do you work with?

Preferrably B2B. I have my own legal entity, with which I do my own invoicing to my clients.

✈ Would you be willing to relocate?

Permanent relocation? Depending on the project and location.

Temporary relocation? Yes, for up to 6 months, if a client considers it necessary.

Frequent business trips? On-site 1 week/month is a practice I had with a few clients.

Let's chat!

I'd be happy to go into more detail about the projects I've worked on, and discuss how I can bring added value to your business in a short 20-minute call. 

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